Wilkie Way

Set 12: Place Value & the 10 x Table

(Requires both 1 - 6 dice and 0 - 9 dice)
Tens Afloat
Allows children to see where the skip counting sequence of counting in tens fits into the "normal" counting sequence.
Wilkie Tens
Children should be moving from skip counting to beginning to use instant recall to solve the multiplication problems.
Racing Tens
Children should be using the commutative law, place value knowledge and instant recall to solve the multiplication problems.
Going For Gold
Focus is on place value. Children use collecting groups of ten ones to make a group of ten then ten groups of ten to make one hundred.
Jumping Ten
Understanding the base ten place value system allows you to add or subtract ten from any number. This is a requirement for adding or subtracting 2-digit numbers mentally.


Social Skills
The games are all designed to be played with a partner learning to take turns. Children should be encouraged to vary the rules provided they are agreed on and adhered to throughout the game.


Problem Solving Skills
Opportunities should be provided for children to realise the importance of multiply by ten as the basis for the number system. Good use of prediction skills in games 2 & 3 will increase the chance of being the winner.

Numeracy Skills
These games are intended to assist children in understanding the concept of multiplication. Multiplying by ten is also the underlying concept of place value and how our numbers system works. The link between grouping in tens and how numbers are written must be made explicit. Set 7 games focused on the teen numbers, this set focuses on numbers up to 100. (2 digit numbers)

Oral Language
Children should be encouraged to verbalise their thinking as they play the games to help them formulate the thinking process. Listening to others explaining their thinking helps the listener to consolidate their own thinking.




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