Wilkie Way

Set 2: Beginning Addition & Subtraction

This set of games continues the knowledge progression from set 1 by use of numeral recognition to six and introduces numeral 7. They focus on the joining of two sets and the partitioning of a set of objects up to 10.
Wiggly Worms
Recognise each worm as representing a set of 2 numbers.
Picture Dice Match
Recognise each picture total as a combination of 2 numbers.
Playing With The Children
Recognise a total as a partition of a set of objects.
Catch A Kiwi
Use joining 2 numbers to make a total up to 5.
Fill The Bucket
Use joining 2 numbers to make a total up to 5. Conservation of numbers up to 5.


Social Skills
These games can be played individually or with a partner, learning to take turns. Games 4 and 5 introduce the idea of moving around a game board. This involves learning to count the move rather than the squares.


Problem Solving Skills
In games four and five, moving either way around the board requires the player to use prediction, trial and error, choice and decision making strategies.

Oral Language
The development of mathematical language, how many? how many altogether? more, less etc.




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