Wilkie Way

Set 5: Doubles to 12

These games encourage the instant recall of doubles up to 6 + 6 and look at using doubles as a strategy for mathematical thinking as an alternative to counting for solving problems.
Roll A Double
Promotes the idea of how doubles are made up. Visual link to skip counting in 2's pattern.
Dinosaur Doubles
Practice doubles with picture support.
Double Trouble
Practice doubles with no picture support. Using spot dice gives a visual support, using numeral dice moves the games on alittle further to instant recall of doubles.
Hunt The Double
Need to have instant recall of doubles. requires the recognition of two numbers in sequence to make a near double and be able to "see" the double.
Double Gold
Using recognition of doubles and near doubles to make all the numbers up to twelve.


Social Skills
The games are designed to be played with a partner, learning to take turns.


Problem Solving Skills
Games four and five move children into using a non counting strategy to solve addition using known doubles. Children should be encouraged to communicate their mathematical thinking through verbalisation using their increasing range of mathematical language.

Oral Language
Game two uses geometrical shapes which can be used to build mathematical vocabulary. Game five "borrows" the idea of climbing a beanstalk to reach a pot of gold. Links to stories and reading should be made.




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