Wilkie Way

Set 6: Addition & Subtraction to 10

This set of games focus on the learning of facts to 10 using addition and subtraction symbols. Totals up to 18 occur as it is expected that children will have the counting sequence up to 20 at least.
Ten Gold
Moving around the board, in either direction. Can children predict whether they will land on a total of ten. The game focuses the children on looking for pairs to make ten.
Butterfly 10
This game focuses on the missing addend, how many more to make ten?
Robot 10
This game focuses on the "take way" from 10 to find how many left. (Missing addend in reverse)
Catch A 10 Star
Requires addition of numbers over 10, recognition of numerals to 20. Focus on 10 being the important number.
Cat And Mouse
Requires addition of numbers over ten and counting up to 18. Early reading skills required to follow instructions on game board.


Social Skills
The games are designed to be played with a partner learning to take turns. In game 5, they also need to learn to take set backs caused by the other player.


Problem Solving Skills
Game five puts the players in control in deciding which way to move on the board trying to move themselves forward and trying to make things harder for their partner.

Oral Language
Children should be encouraged to verbalise their thinking as they play the games.




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