Wilkie Way

Set 7: Teens Numbers

Loading Trucks
The initial ten is built up using facts to ten (from set 6) The “add on “ number can be counted on until children recognise there is a pattern.
Building Sandcastles
How the numbers are used on the dice throw are the decision of the player. A pair that makes 10 should be instantly recognisable. The colour of the sandcastle is the same as the spade required to build it. The children may not notice at first. DON’T TELL
Making Magic
This game uses the knowledge of the meaning of the digits in a teens number as 10+ something to make the teens.
Going Camping
This game focuses children further on the meaning of the digits in both building the teens number as 10 + and as partitioning the teens number into 10 +
Safe Landing
This game further focuses children on the meaning of the digits in teens numbers through what to subtract to leave 10.


Social Skills
The games are all designed to be played with a partner learning to take turns. Decisions on how many throws of the dice are allowed on each turn should be decided and adhered to throughout the game.


Problem Solving Skills
Game 2 requires logic and reasoning. Which is the best way to use the numbers? On first playing children are unlikely to think in this way but with subsequent games children begin to use these strategies. DON’T TELL

Numeracy Skills
Children are learning the initial stages of place value. This involves understanding the recording of two digit numbers in a base ten system. The teens numbers are the basis of the system and critical to the development of mathematical thinking. Why is 10 so important?

Oral Language
Children should be encouraged to verbalise their thinking as they play the games.




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