Wilkie Way

Set 9: Addition & Subtraction to 20

Just Doubles
In this game children are required to remake the numbers in an equation into a double.
Going Skiing
Providing practice in sequencing to 50. Encourage children to see the relationship between 2 + 6 and 32 + 6 etc. Where an equation is used use of doubles or 10+ knowledge is expected.
Inter Galactic Nine
Emphasising using 10+ as a quicker method than counting and being a known fact as even quicker.
No Counting Allowed
As the title says, no counting, using 10+ or doubles to solve the missing addend. Extending the use of +/- 1 to +/- 2. Again this game also builds facts to 20 as knowledge.
20 Addition
Using facts to 10 and 10+ to build facts to 20.


Social Skills
The games are all designed to be played with a partner learning to take turns. Children should be encouraged to vary the rules provided they are agreed on and adhered to throughout the game.


Problem Solving Skills
Children should be encouraged to make predictions e.g. in game 1 to determine which way around the board to move. Make up word stories to fit the equation in game 4. Encourage children to make up their own word stories. Write an equation to fit each circle in game 5 - can you write an addition and a subtraction equation?

Numeracy Skills
These games are intended to assist children in moving from counting to solving addition and subtraction problems by using known facts, in particular using doubles and 10 + knowledge. Game 2 also uses sequencing to 50.

Oral Language
Children should be encouraged to verbalise their thinking as they play the games to help them formulate the thinking process. Listening to others explaining their thinking helps the listener to consolidate their own thinking.




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