Wilkie Way

Set 1: Beginning Numbers

1.1 Gone-Fishing.png

Gone Fishing

1.2 Wiggly-Worms.png
Wiggly Worms
1.3 Catch-a-Kiwi.png
1.4 What-Comes-After.png
What Comes After

Social Skills: All these games can be played individually or with a partner, learning to take turns.  Children need to learn to take turns, to be winners and losers in a game. Learning to manage self.

Maths Literacy: Students are learning to read and follow simple instructions. They are learning to respond to texts presented in a variety of formats.

Number: These games focus on the numbers within 9 and include numeral recognition, joining sets and sequencing.

Developing Vocabulary: Students should be encouraged to verbalise their thinking as they play the games and adults should use the game themes to further develop a student's vocabulary.

1. Gone Fishing: Numeral recognition, supported by a set of spots. Quantity is emphasised by the size of the fish.

2. Wiggly Worms: Recognising each worm as a set of two numbers, developing the understanding that a number can be partitioned.

3. Catch a Kiwi: Uses joining two numbers to make a new total, up to five. Developing an understanding that a numbers can be joined together.

4. What comes after? Learning the number that comes immediately after a given number. Students need to begin to view numbers in a sequence and learn the associated vocabulary.




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