Wilkie Way

Set 10: Multiplication Practice 6,7,8,9

10.1 The-Six-Trek.png
The Six Trek
10.2 Rugby-Sevens.png
Rugby Sevens
10.3 Wilkie-Eights.png
Wilkie Eights
10.4 Dressed-up-to-the-Nines.png
Dressed Up To The Nines

Social Skills: The games are all designed to be played with a partner learning to take turns and manage self.

Maths Literacy: Students are learning to read and follow instructions. They are learning to respond to texts presented in a variety of formats.

Number: Students know the commutative property of multiplication so many of these facts should already be known facts. Unknown facts students should be able to use the ones they know to strategise the ones they don’t. Skip counting should not be a strategy used.

Students need plenty of opportunities to practice multiplication facts over a long period of time. It is this distributed practice that eventually helps a student to lodge the facts in his/her long term memory.

Developing Vocabulary: Students should be encouraged to verbalise their thinking as they play the games.


1. The Six Trek: A game to practice recall of multiplication by 6 with students making the choices of how to navigate the board to their best advantage.

2. Rugby Seven: Students should be on the way to recall of the seven times table but may use x5 + x2 as a strategy on the way to recall.

3. Wilkie Eight’s: Students should be beginning to use recall of the eight times table but may use double the fours or x5 + x3 as a strategy on the way to recall

4. Dressed up to the Nines: Students should be beginning to use recall of the nine times table but may use the tens take away a group as a strategy on the way to recall.




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