Wilkie Way

Set 14: Division Practice


14.1 Dungeon-Division.png

Dungeon Division

14.2 Divisional-Gold.png
Divisional Gold
14.3 Blast-the-Bricks.png
Blast The Bricks
14.4 Factor-Hockey.png
Factor Hockey

Social Skills

The games are all designed to be played with a partner learning to take turns and manage self.

Maths Literacy

Students are learning to read and follow instructions. They are learning to respond to texts presented in a variety of formats.


It is this distributed practice, repeated practice of the division facts over time, in multiple different scenarios that eventually helps a student to lodge the facts in his/her long term memory. These games are intended to be another scenario different from on-line practice.

Developing Vocabulary

As basic facts are stored in verbal memory, interacting verbally with a partner about division while playing is beneficial.


1. Dungeon Division: Practice in the recall of division facts using the inverse of multiplication facts. One fact is presented at a time.


2. Divisional Gold: Practice in the recall of division facts using the inverse of multiplication facts. A small range of possible division facts are given.


3. Blast the bricks: Practice in the recall of division facts using the inverse of multiplication facts. A larger range of division facts are presented and students are asked to use basic addition facts at the same time.


4. Factor Hockey: This game requires students to consider the possible factors of different multiples and use basic addition facts.





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