Wilkie Way

Set 2: Counting Sequences

2.1 Going-Skiing.png

Going Skiing

2.2 Teddy-Count.png
Teddy Count
2.3 Tens-Afloat.png
Tens Afloat
2.4 Round-the-Garden.png
Round the Garden

Social Skills: The games are all designed to be played with a partner learning to take turns and manage self.

Maths Literacy: Students are learning to read and follow instructions. They are learning to respond to texts presented in a variety of formats.

Number: Students are learning the counting sequence and recognising numbers to 100. They are learning to count on and back from any number within the sequence. 

Developing Vocabulary: Students should be encouraged to verbalise their thinking as they play the games and count out loud. Listen for teen and ty confusions in a student’s counting sequence.


1. Going Skiing: Providing practice in counting and sequencing to 50. Practice counting on or back a small number.

2. Teddy Count: Practice counting and sequencing to 55 and counting on  and back with some numbers obscured.

3. Tens Afloat: Practice counting and sequencing to 100 making the decade numbers “special” numbers. Counting on and back with some numbers obscured.

4. Round the Garden: Alternate numbers are missing on the track so students have to rely on their knowledge of the counting sequence rather than reading the numbers on the track.




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