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Teacher Handbook Series
Comprehensive support for all teachers of primary mathematics.

Each handbook provides the essential conceptual ideas behind the mathematics to be taught complete with classroom teaching activities.

Purchase individually or as a set of three books.


 Dice and Counter Games 
Designed to provide on going practice of key number knowledge - levels 1 - 4

15 sets of 4 different games on laminated A4 card (double sets - 8 games available)

counting & sequencing,

addition and subtraction facts,

multiplication & division facts

fractions, decimals & percentages.

All games require 1 - 6 dice and counters


 Early Numeracy Games 
Games can be used to introduce a concept and to provide on going practice in specific early numeracy concepts at levels 1 and 2

12 sets 5 different games in each set.

All games are laminated A4 size and require dice (Most 1 - 6, some 0 - 9 - set 4 require home made special dice) and counters.

Library Set Available.


Pearson Mathematics

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A series of teacher guides and student texts to provide a framework for continuity and progression across all strands of the NZ curriculum. Levels 1 - 4.

Levels 2, 3 & 4 are referenced to the MOE Figure it Out Series.