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The monthly newsletter is intended to provide bite sized pieces of professional thinking regarding the teaching and learning of mathematics in the hope of stimulating professional discussion. In addition the newsletters advertise Wilkie Way resources and professional learning, updates on NZMaths and other quality resources. The first issue of each term provides a page of free problems from curriculum level 1 to 4. The * shows the first issue of a term.

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JUNE 19 Assessment to inform teaching  July 19 Maths and the Arts   18 Problems in the Garden.jpg
APR 19 What does a good Maths lesson look like?  MAY 19 How creative is your maths classroom?*
FEB 19 Assessment For Learning* MAR 19 Teaching and Learning Mathematics
OCT 18 Mathematics, Statistics & The Environment* NOV 18 Teaching Basic Facts
AUG 18 Student Wellbeing & Maths Programmes*  SEPT 18 The importance of Being Numerate
JUNE 18 Measuring progress in mathematics  JULY 18 Who invented Mathematics?

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